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Indianapolis Children’s Dentist

When it comes to your child’s dental health, preventive checkups with an Indianapolis children’s dentist are essential. At the office of Dr. W. Michael Princell, we care for your child’s teeth at every stage of growth and development to ensure a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. Our highly trained team of professionals make every checkup fun and engaging, and personalize care to meet your child’s individual needs.

Indianapolis Children’s Dentist

Did you know that tooth decay is considered the most common chronic illness in children? According to statistics, 42% of children ages two to eleven have had cavities in their primary teeth, and 59% of children and adolescents ages twelve to nineteen have had cavities in their permanent teeth. In infants and toddlers, tooth decay is often caused by prolonged exposure to the sugars in milk or juice from being put to bed with a bottle. At your child’s first checkup, our Indianapolis children’s dentist will discuss how to protect your child’s teeth from baby bottle tooth decay and teach you how to brush your child’s newly emerging teeth. As your child gets older, we perform more comprehensive examinations to begin tracking the development of the teeth and jaws and offer periodic fluoride treatments, which help strengthen tooth enamel to protect against cavities. When they are mature enough to manage their own care, we teach them about the importance and responsibilities of brushing, flossing and making the right nutritional choices for maintaining healthy teeth. Once your child’s permanent molars erupt, we can apply dental sealants, which are protective coatings that prevent plaque and food debris from gathering in the surfaces of the back teeth. Dental sealants can reduce the risk of cavities in children’s molars by up to 80%.

At the office of Dr. W. Michael Princell, we make dental care a positive learning experience from the first time your child visits our office. Our Indianapolis children’s dentist delivers gentle, effective care to keep your child’s smile cavity-free. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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